A Pop of Color


Jumpsuit: Marshall’s (similar) Earrings: American Eagle (similar) Sunglasses: Boutique (similar) Sandals: DSW Lipstick: Too Faced


Just Post the Picture

We scroll through our camera roll in hopes to find “the one.” This glorious picture that portrays happiness and popularity to the world-wide web, aka a few close friends and those other couple of hundred random people we added to boost our follower count.

A filter or two covers up imperfections and the true version of the name that was given to the person who has become self conscious because they do not look like one of the Kardashians.

Next, is to formulate a caption. An Instagram caption is neither too personal nor too wordy, but just the perfect amount of cliché. Oh, and don’t forget to add an emoji and a witty hashtag if you can think of one before the hour is up on the time you spent overthinking a picture to post, when in reality you’re so-called “friends” will mindlessly like the picture and keep scrolling onto the next “VSCO esque” post.

My question is, when did we all become so consumed in what others think of us?

Originality is at an all time low because our thoughts and words have been recycled and reused by others. You may think you were the first person to have this earth-shattering idea, but realistically thirty others already stumbled upon your DIY creation, but you were just bold enough to post it.

Does anyone ever post for themselves anymore, or do our lives really revolve around others as much as I think they do? I sure hope not.

The next time you come across a picture that makes you genuinely happy, please for the love of originality and all things that dare to be deemed as “different,” post the picture. Do not think twice about the wrinkles in your clothes or how your lipstick smudged after eating that burger and fries, just live in the moment and do something for you for a change.